Q: The headliner is coming down on my head. Can it be glued back into place?
A: This happens when the foam backing on the material deteriorates. We recommend replacing the material because gluing it back into place does not work. The headliner board must be taken out, cleaned, and the fabric replaced. You will have a new headliner that will look great for years to come. We would need your car for at least half a day in most cases.



Q: Do you do total vehicle trim restoration? 
A: Yes, we can do complete interiors including seats, carpets, headliners and door panels. Also convertible tops and vinyl roofs. Phone or email us for advice. 

Q: Do you manufacture your own trim?
Yes, we can design and manufacture all interiors and hoods and any other projects you may have. We can source all the materials required. We can also fit aftermarket kits which can be provided by you or souced by us. 

Q: There are small tears on my convertible top. Can these be repaired?
Occasionally these can be repaired with judicious patching but patches often don't last and can look untidy. If your top is damaged, we recommend replacing it. This is a better option and adds value to your car. We can make a top to suit or fit an aftermarket top. 

Q: The rear window on my hood is cracked or discoloured. How can I fix this?
In most cases we recommended you replace the rear window. This can be relatively easy if the hood has a zip out rear window panel. Zip out windows can be replaced with aftermarket panels or a new clear panel is fitted. Non zip out windows require the hood to be removed from the car to replace the window.

Q. Is it possible to clean my discoloured plastic window?
A: Sometimes. We can provide products which clean discolouration from the clear windows. Success depends on the cause and age of the discolouration.

Q: Should I save my old rotting bits of trim when I am going to get my car restored?
A: Yes. Any old trim, spring-work or hood panels can be of help for us to pick up small details about style and placement on the original car. These bits and pieces are particularly useful when the restoration is to be as authentic as possible. 

Q: What type of cars do you work on?... classic, vintage, hot rod, new pride and joy or old work horse. Tractor seats, truck seats, ......
A: We will work on any type of vehicle including trucks and motorbikes. A browse around our website shows a good cross section of work completed. Every type of vehicle is approached with an enthusiasm to see an end result that delights the owner and gives us a sense of pride in what we have done. 

Q: Do you accept credit cards and EFTPOS
A: No, sorry. We are happy to be paid by internet banking and cash. Chat with us when you are organising your job.

Q: My leather upholstery is cracking and drying out, what can I do?
We can supply leather conditioners or replace panels as required. Our advice will depend on the amount of damage and the age of the leather.

Q: What can you do with my steering wheel. I want it thicker and the leather is worn out.
A: We can refoam a wheel with a suitable foam and alter its size to suit you. We use automotive leather to recover the wheel. The cover is hand stitched to get a neat, professional look.




News and Advice.

We will be adding a page with photos and prices of assorted clips and trim items which are difficult to source for restorers. Hope to have this up and running soon.

Now sourcing a range of English clips for our clients. We will carry an increasing range as clients needs are filled. Can have English clips with in a week for many lines.

Currently working on a deep buttoned leather job. A marvelous restoration on a 1912 vehicle. Photos coming soon. This is using the Lapco leather mentioned below. These progress photos are on the 'Current work' page.

We are now carrying LAPCO Leather. There is a full range of automotive leather with full automotive certification. Usually stock is available with in a week of ordering. There is also a range of leathers with FAR certification for aviation use.

Our latest trim restoration finished is a 1966 Triumph Dove. A rare version of the TR4 convertible which has a fibreglass hardtop conversion. Truimph did not see a large enough potential market to continue production. The MGBGT was released around this time and became a huge success so Triumph missed an opportunity to meet a demand in the market.

 Finished now is a Falcon which has had a major re-model. Simple and tasteful. A stunning car. Check out the photos. The interior is vinyl. The boot is pristine...(see the other projects page) Stunning colour.

We are creating a sample board of Tenax fasteners which are used on hoods, particulary older styles. There are 14 different types available so the sample board will be a big help to restorers.


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